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Nicky Oppenheimer Bio

Nicky Oppenheimer Bio: Nicholas F. Oppenheimer Nicky Oppenheimer is best known as a South African businessman and philanthropist. (Nicky Oppenheimer Bio) He was the former chairman of the De Beers Diamond Mining Company. For 85 years until 2012, the Oppenheimer family occupied a controlling position in the world’s diamond trade.

In addition, Nicky Oppenheimer is the heir to her father’s fortune. He sold a 40% stake in De Beers to Anglo American in 2012 for $5.1 billion in cash.(Nicky Oppenheimer Bio)

In 2018, Nicky was listed on the Sunday Times Rich List as the 23rd richest person in the United Kingdom, with a reported net worth of E5.5 billion. Furthermore, he was listed in the Forbes Rich List for 2019 with a net worth of US$7.3 billion.(Nicky Oppenheimer Bio)

Basic Information

Real Name/Full Name Nicholas F. Oppenheimer
Nick Name/Celebrated Name: Nicky Oppenheimer
Birth Place: South Africa
Date Of Birth/Birthday: 8 June 1945
Age/How Old: 77 years old
Parents Name: Father –Harry Oppenheimer
Mother –Bridget McCall
Nationality: South African
College: Christ Church, Oxford
Net Worth: $8.1 billion
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Nicky Oppenheimer Bio

Nicky Oppenheimer Bio

Nicky Oppenheimer Background

Nicky was born on 8 June 1945 to Harry Oppenheimer and Bridget. He is the grandson of Anglo American founder Ernest Oppenheimer. Nicky’s father was of German Jewish descent. He attended Harrow School and Christ Church, Oxford, where he studied philosophy, politics and economics, and earned an Oxford MA. In 1968, Nikki married Haley Lash’s daughter Orcilia “Strili” Lash. They have a son named Jonathan Oppenheimer.

Nicky Oppenheimer Career

  • In 1968, he joined as Oppenheimer Anglo American and was later made a director by 1974.. He later became the Vice President in 1983. He remained a non-executive director till 2011 even after he resigned in 2001.
  • In 1984, Nicky was appointed deputy chairman of the Central Selling Organization, now known as the Diamond Trading Company. Thereafter, he was appointed the Vice President of De Beers Consolidated Mines in 1985.(Nicky Oppenheimer Bio)
  • In the same year, he was appointed the chairman of the Diamond Trading Company. Between 1998 and 2012, he was the chairman of De Beers Group. When the family stake was sold to Anglo American, Nicky retired from De Beers.


  • Nicky Oppenheimer’s family is involved in many philanthropic activities. Basically, Niki focuses on preserving the cultural heritage of the Southern African region. He is also interested in education, health, improving the arts and conserving nature. (Nicky Oppenheimer Bio)
  • In 2005, Nicky and her son, Jonathan Oppenheimer, founded Brenthurst.
    foundation. The Foundation focuses on contributing to the debate around strategies and policies to enhance Africa’s economic performance and enable sustainable development.
  • Also, in 2006, the Oppenheimer family partnered with De Beers to establish Diamond Route. This action was taken to maximize the potential of their properties for conservation, research and environmental awareness purposes.(Nicky Oppenheimer Bio)
  • The Diamond Route connects 8 sites in northern South Africa. It extends from Namaqualand on the west coast to Kimberly, Tsavalu in the Kalahari in the north, and Brenthurst Gardens in Johannesburg. Then, head east to the Ezemwelo Nature Reserve in Limpopo Province. Nikki Oppenheimer has also been Rhodes’ own trustee since 2015.
  • In 2014, Oppenheimer launched Fireblade Aviation in Johannesburg. It operates chartered flights with its fleet of 3 aircraft and 2 helicopters. Nikki has at least 720 square miles of conservation land in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.(Nicky Oppenheimer Bio)

Awards And Recognitions

  • Ranked as the richest person in South Africa in the Forbes Rich List, 2019
  • Honorary Doctorate, Technikon Witwatersrand, 2003
  • Former President of Botswana, Festus Moge, Order of the Presidential Honor since 2004
  • Honorary Fellowship, London Business School, 2009

Nicky Oppenheimer Bio

Nicky Oppenheimer Quotes

It’s unbelievable when you know how to work in Africa
“A deep psychological need is only fulfilled by a diamond while it is intrinsically worthless.

“Since I am an African, I can definitely say that the country of Africa is not just about making the people of the world feel good.

To secure a sustainable future for the people of our country “all our natural resources have to be taken to the maximum heights”.(Nicky Oppenheimer Bio)

“We all need to learn the business of diamonds well to take diamonds to more customers

I am one of those rich people who lead a good life. But, I like to think that I am doing my part to solve Africa’s problems and I am definitely committed to Africa in the long run .

“It’s much better to be known as Mr. Nice Guy than as Mr. Nice Guy. But you have to have lines — and when you hit the line, that’s the end of the story, good or not.”

According to me, Africa gets as much credit on the world stage as it deserves. People come to us from a dark continent, where nothing good ever happens. That’s not true. A huge amount, as I say Yes, entrepreneurship continues.”(Nicky Oppenheimer Bio)

“Businesses need certainty to clearly see the rules of engagement for investing in South Africa.”

Entrepreneurial Lessons From Nicky Oppenheimer

1. Consistency:

Nicky is the heir to her father’s fortune and has been able to keep things in motion so far. His legacy has been lasting and able to transfer as he built a structure and created a succession plan.

At we always stress the importance of creating a structure for your business. A structured business is transferable and has stood the test of time.(Nicky Oppenheimer Bio)

2. Maintain Relationships

in business. If you want to be successful in business you have to consistently build mutually beneficial relationships.

3. Give Back

Socially responsible businesses or individuals remain in business for a long period of time. A business should have a Corporate Social Responsibility desk through which they can give back to the society that has placed them in business.

If you want to be an entrepreneur then you have to be a socially responsible person. You should not wait until you are in danger before giving back to society. There are many creative ways you can give back to society. It can be as little as hosting a free training.(Nicky Oppenheimer Bio)

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